Wisdom-cover-091515 grow up your ego crop“This book will reveal how a full understanding of the ego’s essence will further your emotional and spiritual evolution and strengthen your intent to make the ego you ally.

“With nine chapters, exercises, reviews, appendices, and an index, this well-written, concise, informative book offers valuable information for both lay persons and therapists regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the ego and how to grow into healthier human beings. Chapters include: dismantling the myth of the bad ego, how the ego develops, the ten stages of ego growth, defense mechanisms, and the growth spiral. Other chapters explore emotions, obstacles to growth including the shadow self, spirituality, and the relationship between science and spirituality. Written in an easy-to-follow manner, including stories of individuals with their own processes, the book offers a self-help guide to healing.

“The author is a licensed psychologist who has training in Shamanism, adding to the research validity and personal connection of the mind/body/spirit outlook.

“This is a practical guide for lay persons wanting an introduction on how to grow beyond the ego of narcissism into the ego of transcendence. Psychotherapists would also find this book beneficial in their work with clients (as well as for exploring their own ego issues). It includes valuable scientific research and excellent, in-depth exercises to help readers explore ways to develop their egos into higher, spiritual states. For in order to let go of the ego into higher levels of compassion and love, one must have a healthy ego as the basis for grounding in reality. All chapters are informative, but the chapter on the ten stages of ego development is especially valuable. The final two chapters on exploring higher states of being, including self-actualization, must be read by those wanting to live exemplary lives. While the book doesn’t replace therapy or a spiritual focus, it will be an excellent adjunct to the processes.”

The US Review of Books

Reviewed by Carol Anderson, D. Min., ACSW, LMSW

Category: English Titles