We focus on Mind, Body & Soul and Business genres of expression. We believe that India is the Mother of Wisdom. It is the land of The Buddhas and The Mahatmas. For every known Buddha there are many unsung heroes in India. And WVPD wishes to be the medium for their songs. As a market, Indians, with their insatiable appetite for wise thoughts, provide the right impetus for such books. WVPD hopes to cater to this market through its unique offerings.

WVPD is a division of Wisdom Village enterprises. And is over one year old and has already 6 titles to its credit. We have two offices, one each in Gurgaon and Delhi.

At WVPD each book is given special care and attention. Our in house editorial and production team forms the backbone of our enterprise. The Distribution Network at WVPD covers the length and breadth of India. It is ably supported by our strong online presence.

We at WVPD enjoy creating insightful works, and hope you derive similar pleasure reading them.