Is there a simple framework that one can use to understand and interpret human behaviour and the way this world operates? A framework to cover important aspects of human life; parenting, partnership and profession?
The author makes an effort to share her reflections and insights in the form of a beginner’s kit for her readers to understand and interpret life and the world.
She also makes a conscious effort to stay away from being preachy. A dash of humour has been added wherever an opportunity was perceived. Some subtle (or seething?) sarcasm adds to the colour in one or two chapters towards the end. Alliterations are all over the area, er, place.
Will the reader be able to relate to the framework and use it? Will the reader be able to connect with the examples in the book? Will the reader feel comfortable analyzing their behaviour and are they ready for some self-deprecation and occasional dark humour or sarcasm? There’s only one way to find out; by reading the book!

Author Intro:
Nirmala is an engineer who, in her quest to find meaningful employment, took her craving for creativity and combined it with the analytical world of business and used it to build a career in the niche area of Knowledge Management, in the IT sector. During the 20 years of her career so far, she has blogged extensively on several topics, written & presented several papers in international conferences, and invented a framework and methodology that was granted a US patent in 2010. She is not sure if she has great social skills but she believes her ability to observe and analyse human behaviour as a spectator and as an introspective person is worth several articles and that’s what led her to this passionate writing project.

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