He trampled the thorny path and sailed his family to a rosy future but lost his soul somewhere along the way. Shivendra, aka Nambardaar, a self-made billionaire, uses his power and money to control whoever or whatever comes in his way. He owns thousands of acres of farmland and several businesses but wants more for his future generations. To fulfill his aspirations, he decides to place his older brother into politics and endorses his Dalit worker Gangu for the presidency of his village. His plan goes exactly the way he had intended; he not only wins the hearts of the people belonging to Gangu’s caste but also gets the support of other backward communities, both crucial to making his career in politics successful. But soon, things go beyond his control and eventually wound his ego—something he had never expected to happen even in his wildest dreams. He retaliates in the most heinous way imaginable, and on that fateful day, everything changes for everyone.


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