Machiavelli is the Father of Realpolitik. A politician and a writer, he wrote his masterpieces The Prince and Discourses on Livy in 16th Century AD. These writings, banned till early 18th century for their controversial and devious content, are now considered the Bible of Realpolitik. Clearly in the world today more politicians are considered Machiavellian than Gandhian, and although we may admire Gandhi more than Machiavelli, the world does often seem to comport to Machiavelli’s expectations.

Pavan Choudary explores how, Machiavelli – reviled down the years for promoting deviousness – has actually made an invaluable contribution in enhancing our understanding of evil. This understanding can help the principled person win.

Pavan Choudary is the author of path breaking books like When you are Sinking Become a Submarine, A Trilogy of Wisdom (A modern day commentary on three Grandmasters of the East – Chanakya, Confucius and Kabir) and Broom & Groom (co-author Kiran Bedi). Pavan is also the Managing Director of Vygon, a leading French Multinational, hosts the TV program Hum Aise Kyun Hain on Doordarshan, and writes the column Mera Gaon Mera Desh for Times of India. Today, Pavan is being viewed as one of the most original Indian political thinkers and management speakers shaping opinions on practically all aspects of governance, social reform and leadership. To know more log on to www.pavanchoudary.inhindi machiavelli BACK

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