Dating 7

For the men who struggle with dating, I have great news

You are not alone. Fifty percent of all single men have not been on a date in the last two years. Other men date occasionally, but never enjoy the success they crave. Still others are newly divorced and have re-entered the intimidating single world for the first time since the advent of online dating.

The truth is there are a lot of lonely men out there.

This book can help:

  • Men who are entering the online dating world for the first time

·       As a refresher course for guys who have tried online dating but not yet cracked the code

·       Men who have enjoyed some success with dating, but feel there is still something missing – taking their dating to the next level or finding that one special woman

“This book is written in a funny and down to earth style. The author reveals different dating scenarios that he went through in his personal life in order to caution men on what they might encounter during a date…He gives insights on the proper way of landing dates and keeping them…” – Susana Pena for Readers’ Favorite


“This book is a “MUST READ” for any guy or girl that is an Online Dater. It will help you write a funny and intelligent bio, gain self-confidence for online dating, communicate effectively with a girl…” – Linda, author of “The Top 10 Things People Lie about on Online Dating Sites and Why”


George Reagan is a Public Health Scientist for the State of Maryland and has been blogging about men’s issues since 2012. Divorced in 2006, he contemplated a lonely single life until he determined to learn the art of dating. He now resides in Hampstead, with his new wife, Sherri. For more please visit and


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