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Wisdom-Naik Vyaikti-Cover front (2)Real-world research shows that the “good person” (one for whom means are as important as the ends) often loses to the unprincipled man (for whom ends are all that matters). The three main reasons for this are:

  1. He cannot comprehend how the immoral man thinks, works or makes his moves
  2. He lacks battle skills and doesn’t know how to fight back
  3. He is often egoistic about his honesty, whereas the immoral man subjugates his ego to greed and teams up with others

This book prepares the good person towards:

  1. Comprehending evil moves
  2. Executing powerful antidotes
  3. Converting his virtues into competitive tools and building powerful collaborations with men like himself & win decisively

Free of platitudes & unproven recommendations, How a Good Person can Really Win is backed by extensive research, and can lead men to victory in the real world. It has relevance to all walks of life.



  1. Credit Poaching
  2. Promoting Self-praise
  3. Dividing to Rule and to Stay Un-ruled
  4. Thumbscrewing
  5. Psyching
  6. Calculating and Hawking
  7. Ingratiating
  8. Lying
  9. Anonymous Letter Game
  10. Sexual Harassment
  11. Negative Recommendation Game
  12. Money-making Game
  13. Nurturing Incompetence and Finding Scapegoats
  14. Jeopardising Organizational Interest


  1. Digesting Success and Handling Power
  2. Catching Signals
  3. Handling Jealousy
  4. How Not to Make Enemies
  5. Controlling Enemies
  6. Handling Bullies
  7. Mastering the Art of Timing and Acquiring Patience
  8. Preventing Subordinates from Making Money
  9. Using Subordinates who Make Money
  10. Preventing Superiors from Making Money
  11. Who Not to Seek Advice From
  12. How to Give Advice
  13. Why Give Talent its Due
  14. What if Vile Gives You the Ditch
  15. Final Tally: Who will Win?


  1. Manufacturing Good Luck
  2. Power of Goodness
  3. Power of Good Intentions
  4. Power of Good Thoughts and Good Words
  5. Power of Entering Evil
  6. Power of Character
  7. Power of Commitment
  8. Power of Friendship
  9. Power of Consistency and Silence
  10. Power of Speech
  11. Power of Assertiveness
  12. Power of Knowledge
  13. Power of Selling
  14. Power of Anger/Compassion
  15. Power of Sensitivity
  16. Power of Intuition
  17. Power of Gratitude
  18. Power of Sharing
  19. Power of Relaxation
  20. Power of Laughter
  21. Power of Balance
  22. The Wonder of Love
  23. Love and Discipline Go Hand in Hand
  24. Wisdom of Leaving the Past Behind
  25. Surmounting Superstitions
  26. Wisdom of Golden Humility
  27. Power of Wisdom and Maturity
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