cover dft cropLive Stress-Free, Disease-Free and Fear-Free!

Dieting, fasting or endeavor to change the physical appearance is not at all a healthy approach. Rather, we need conscious evolution to inculcate better understanding about body, food, nutrients, cosmic energies and nature around.
This book, through its unique Divine Food Therapy (food for soul), empowers you to heal yourself, both physically and mentally. Its implementation helps your body maintain balance within and with nature. It also helps you choose your diet/ meal according to your body type and requirement. However, this book is not about diet plans, nutrient and calorie counts, but about the secrets of food behavior and its significance in life. Its knowledge and application will help you experience consciousness and a complete sense of wellbeing in minimal time and effort.
Rajeev Nirnayak, a dietician, health coach and a spiritual master, is a balanced combination of science and spirit. A visionary, he has invented the unique Divine Food Therapy which empowers humanity to heal itself through simple healing methods. Belonging to no particular tradition and religion, he works tirelessly towards bringing conscious evolution in the lives of people and towards their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Nirnayak’s scientific yet simple methods for self-transformation are both direct and powerful.


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